Marriage Cancelled: The Kim and Kris Story

In our day and age of reality shows, people seem to forget that life isn’t a made for TV anything. Some lives are captured and shown on TV, and those lives are somewhat produced for those shows. But, the majority of us just live our lives, for better and worse, for sickness and health...and recognize that to get the sweet, you have to ride through the bitter and give it time. I’m talking years of … [Read more...]

Finally…A TV show gets teen cyberbullying right!

Did you catch Harry's Law the other night? If not, you missed a fantastic episode on teen cyberbullying. The episode covered the complex social dynamic that typically leads to bullying and teen bullying: *socially awkward teens being taunted by the "popular teens" *closeted gay teens and the impact of tht *the ways teens act out when feeling marginalized from taunts to blogs In this … [Read more...]

Glee Wakes Us Up on Bullying…and Teen Life

I was away this week when Glee’s “Never Been Kissed” episode first aired. Being a huge Bon Jovi fan, my 13 year old daughter couldn’t wait for me to get home so she could watch the episode again with me. “You’re going to love it!”, she told me. “But, there are some surprises in the I should warn you.” So, we plopped on the couch and got into our watching positions. I had heard mixed … [Read more...]

Supermodels Should Model. Doctors Should Give Health Advice. Ok?

There is a sort of kindred spirit among parents that can be wonderfully supportive. It can help other parents feel not so lost as they sort out issues with their own kids, regardless of age, and especially for first time and expectant parents. This special club of parents is most useful as a gigantic support group, though, just to listen, laugh and provide that well placed hug when the work of … [Read more...]