Dr. Gwenn Is In Turns 5

Today, Dr. Gwenn Is In is 5 years old. I can hardly believe it. Seems like only yesterday I  sat to type my first blog post, not knowing at all what a blog truly was. Truly. I recall vividly sitting at lunch with a friend just shortly after Pediatrics Now was launched when he nonchauntly mentioned “You need a blog.” My response was a simple “Blog...what in the world is that?” Nearly 1000 posts, … [Read more...]

Disney’s “Get Hatched”: digital bells and mirrors, nothing more

With June being Internet Safety Month, I wanted to point out a common practice that some big websites use to lure you in - celebrity marketing. When online, our safety can be at risk from content, marketing tactics, privacy threats, or stranger danger. Today, I want to point out a common practice that boosts their web site stats via deceptive marketing tactics on many levels. Just about a month … [Read more...]

Looking Towards 2010: New Web Look for the New Year!

Happy Holidays! I hope you have some wonderful plans in store for the next 10 days or so that involves yummy food, family time and time away from your computers. When we all regroup in January for the New Year, you'll find some exciting changes here on Dr. Gwenn Is In blog and on Pediatrics Now. Pediatrics Now is about to celebrate it's 4 year online so it seemed fitting to celebrate the amazing … [Read more...]

Thank You, Nurse Practitioners, For Recognizing Pediatric Health Blogs!

Thank you to the Nurse Practitioners for taking the time to create the "100 Pediatric Health Blogs Every Mom Should read" list, and for including Dr. Gwenn Is In among such wonderful doctor bloggers, who do so many amazing things for the health and well being of children and families on and off line. It's a very comprehensive list and covers a wide gamut of pediatric and child health blogs. Nancy … [Read more...]