Infant Head Jerking: Should I worry?

Q)Dear Dr. Gwenn: Our 4.5 month old baby has recently started jerking his head from side to side (as if exercising the "no" movement, involuntarily). This phenomenon occurs mostly when he seems tired, but is not limited to this situation. I am quite worried, since the phenomenon appears both "wild" and involuntary. Many thanks in advance. Odelia … [Read more...]

Should I worry about my infants small head size?

All families worry about whether their babies are developing "normally". Concern is often more heightened when a baby's head is on the small size. Here are two questions I received recently on this topic. As you'll see, appearances can be deceiving and more times than not there is no reason for alarm: Question #1 Dear Dr. Gwenn: I had my son two weeks early due to IUG. We had an ultra sound at … [Read more...]

New Autism Study

Fox Boston Appearance October 6, 2009 New Autism Study from Pediatrics … [Read more...]