The AAP Social Media Clinical Report: what it’s really about

By now you’ve seen all the headlines about last spring's new AAP clinical report and “Facebook Depression”. I’m sure those sound bytes and headlines caused you to stop your channel surfing and click on a webpage or two, which created a firestorm of media buzz. Unfortunately, it also created a great deal of confusion that I’m certain I can help with. How can I be so certain? Because I’m the lead … [Read more...]

Advertisers’ cookie crumb trails on your Facebook page: Is resistance futile?

Have you ever wondered how ads that seem to be made just for you pop up on Facebook, Google and just about every other site you go to? It’s called “behavioral advertising” and it’s rather cleaver and sneaky at the same time. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s New Timeline: Sleek Exterior with Oversharing Interior

By now you’ve heard the news. Like it or not, the new Facebook Timeline is coming to a Facebook profile near you. In otherwords, yours, mine and all of our closest, and not so closest, friends. Not wanting the change to completely catch me off guard, I decided to take the leap today. At a first glance, the Timeline looks sort of cool. It's a true timeline of our Facebook life with pertinent … [Read more...]

New Facebook Changes: helpful or annoying?

Like many of you, I woke up today with an interesting email from Facebook that immediately grabbed my attention, in a good way:         The euphoria was not to last long, though. Checking Facebook shortly after I was done with email, I found myself scratching my head. Instead of the usual newsfeed was a new format which I found rather cumbersome. The folks I wanted to … [Read more...]