Cyberbaiting: what you, your teen and teachers need to know

Kids have been trying to get a rise out of teachers since the earliest days of schooling. Kids have been capturing inappropriate behavior on YouTube such as bullying of others, fights, class room antics, since they figured out they could. If you put the two situations together a very volatile and dangerous practice occurs called cyberbaiting. I went on Fox News Boston this morning and … [Read more...]

Glee Wakes Us Up on Bullying…and Teen Life

I was away this week when Glee’s “Never Been Kissed” episode first aired. Being a huge Bon Jovi fan, my 13 year old daughter couldn’t wait for me to get home so she could watch the episode again with me. “You’re going to love it!”, she told me. “But, there are some surprises in the I should warn you.” So, we plopped on the couch and got into our watching positions. I had heard mixed … [Read more...]

Kids and Psoriasis: A frequent target for bullies, says new survey

Today is World Psoriasis Day. You may not think you know someone with psoriasis but you likely do. They are the many adults and kids with those plaque like rashes. Not only is the condition tough to treat, but, sadly, these people are subject to a huge amount of bullying, especially kids. The National Psoriasis Foundation sent me the following press release that highlights the results of their … [Read more...]

Listening to Victims of Bullying and Following the New Law

*You likely heard that Massachusetts is finally considering an anti-bullying law. It’s about time! My kids have both been bullied over the years…have yours? It is one of the most challenging situations to handle in all of parenting and the dramatic increase in technology among today’s kids and teens and made bullying via technology a contributing factor. 25% of kids being bullied is too many … [Read more...]