New study on teen dating violence shows schools struggle with how to intervene

A new study out today in Pediatrics sheds light on the difficult issue of teen dating violence. In light of recent, highly publicized teen dating headlines, including a murder last year in Massachusetts involving a teen from my home town, this is an important topic that needs to be discussed in every town coast to coast. With this study in hand, school systems should look not only at their current … [Read more...]

The Cinnamon Challenge: what you need to know to keep your kids safe

Have you heard of the Cinnamon Challenge? It's actually been around for over a decade but returned in the media thanks to flurry of YouTube videos, 35,000 of them, in fact, with over 65 million views for the top ten videos alone. This phenomenon is so popular it's spawned a life of it's own in social media land with a Twitter account and Facebook page, each with sizable followings of over … [Read more...]

Cyberbaiting: what you, your teen and teachers need to know

Kids have been trying to get a rise out of teachers since the earliest days of schooling. Kids have been capturing inappropriate behavior on YouTube such as bullying of others, fights, class room antics, since they figured out they could. If you put the two situations together a very volatile and dangerous practice occurs called cyberbaiting. I went on Fox News Boston this morning and … [Read more...]

FOSI 2010 Panel Online Safety and Behavior

[Read more...]