Take the Sun Challenge

Think you know all there is about sun exposure safety and sunblock use? I did - until I took the take the sun protection quiz Yahoo! just posted - it is quite illuminating! Only 8 true/false questions. Go ahead - give it a try! The actual answers may surprise you. Of course, the best way to teach your kids about sun safety is by setting a good example ourselves despite our pasts. Let's face it, … [Read more...]

Amusement Park Safety

If your kids are like mine, they love to go to amusement parks - and some of our fondest family memories center around Disney and Universal Parks, Six Flags and even state fairs. At the same time, the nature of many rides and the expanse of crowds also make these venues more dangerous than you may be aware of.Amusement park rides are typically safe but the speed, force and thrill factors do put … [Read more...]

Safety Alert: Spa Pool Drain Dangers to Kids

Anything unusual about this inground spa pool? Check out the drain on the bottom - it is called an antivortex cover and it saves lives; the lack of it almost claimed the life of a 7 year old florida boy recently.Antivortex covers are inexpensive, around $25, and encouraged by law in many states, including Floriday. Unfortunately, many families, like the Chernin family, were unaware they were … [Read more...]

Bike Smart, Bike Safe

You probably heard the very sad news about the 13 year old Medway boy who died over the weekend after his bike was hit by a minivan. I can't imagine the anguish his family must be feeling.With school about to end, this tragedy reminds us of the importance of reinforcing with our kids safety rules for ourdoor fun, especially with regards to fun on wheels. Did you know it is actually the law in … [Read more...]