Amusement Park Adventure For Fun and Safety

Does your family dream of amusement park rides every summer? This time of year the amusement park ads are in full bloom getting everyone itching to get to their local parks. There is no doubt that amusement parks can be a great family outing and offer something for everyone – even non-ride people. At the same time, while it’s easy to assume that a clean-looking, well-run park is “safe”, … [Read more...]

Let this summer end before planning for next!

Let this summer end before planning for next! This is her 5th year at this all girls camp in northern Maine and over all it’s been a great experience for her. It’s a basic camp – good mix of arts and crafts, sports, drama and learning how to negotiate the social scene without us parents in the way. … [Read more...]

Posted Rules at Pools are for Everyone

My health club's outdoor pool's hot tub has a new sign: "No children under 12 allowed in the hot tub...this includes dangling feet and dipping toes!" It's very large and placed in front of the entrance to the hot tub at the stairs. Not only can you not miss it, you can't miss reading it - the letters are huge and neatly written. You only have to be at the club for a few minutes to see why the … [Read more...]

Keep the blasting to the experts this 4th of July!

I love 4th of July - it is truly one of my favorite holidays with fireworks, people gathering with their families and the Boston Pops playing on the Esplanade in Boston. Whether we venture into the city to gather with the crowds or watch the event from home, everyone ends up going to bed happily exhausted. … [Read more...]