Summer Vacation Tool Box

It's summer vacation! Whether staying close to home or traveling to some exotic destination, the sunny, warm weather will beckon us all outside to take part in a multitude of activities from sight seeing to sports. Before you head out on your next adventure, though, consider the special activities you'll be doing and make sure you're prepared for the unique elements the summer season and the … [Read more...]

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

What a wild weather ride it has been in New England lately! First, we get one of the worst tornados of the area. Second, an earthquake occurs in the DC area and is felt throughout Massachusetts. Now, we have Hurricane Irene to contend with. Already a Category 3 and likely not to be much less intense if computer models have any accuracy at all. Growing up in New England and living in the … [Read more...]

When Skunks Invade Backyards

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Let the Heat Wave Begin!

This was the temperature my car was reading yesterday:                     Here's today's temperature so far:                   Due to the humidity, though, the heat index is well above 100 and it feels that way. The air is so thick, … [Read more...]