Amusement Park Adventure For Fun and Safety

Does your family dream of amusement park rides every summer? This time of year the amusement park ads are in full bloom getting everyone itching to get to their local parks. There is no doubt that amusement parks can be a great family outing and offer something for everyone – even non-ride people. At the same time, while it’s easy to assume that a clean-looking, well-run park is “safe”, … [Read more...]

Here comes the sun but where’s the sunscreen?

Heading out for a family walk over the weekend, we barely got beyond the end of the driveway before we quickly turned back...sunblock. We forgot to goop! A quick retreat back to the garage, we all lathered up and were on our way.Over kill for such a mild sun day? Not in our experience. We've not only been caught off guard before and had "low intensity" sun days create rather intense burns behind … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: heroes, she-roes and families

When I was growing up, I would spend every Memorial Day marching in our town parade in the marching band. I did that for 10 years. Each Memorial Day always seemed unusually hot for the season, then again we were in these very uncool-looking wool marching band uniforms!I was always amazed how many people would come out to see the parade...and follow us to the cemetery to honor our local heroes. I … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms in the world.Do you know what moms really want on Mother's Day? A low-tech, easy day with their families. It truly is that simple!Today, we don't need glitz, glitter, fancy meals or red carpets.Today, we don't need the pressure of reading websites, blogs or magazines with stories by other moms that seem to either sensationalize parenting or make it … [Read more...]