The Common Cold and Childhood Asthma

Earlier this week, ABC News reported ran a story with the headline "Baltimore Boy's Death Raises Concerns Over Cold Virus". The story is scary because what started as a common cold for third grader Anthony Scott progressed to an asthma attack and he, sadly, died.His community was understandably panicked because his illness did begin as a common cold from adenovirus and a child did die. However, … [Read more...]

Just A Reminder: Over The Counter Cold and Cough Mediatications In Kids Don’t Work…And Are Dangerous!

Two days into October, with Fall officially here, cold season is upon us which only means one thing: flu season will soon be here. With kids already sniffling, though, parents are asking: what can we do to help our kids feel better?If you think back to last year, cold and cough medications are no longer recommended for kids - they simply don't work and are dangerous. Due to improper use and … [Read more...]

Encouraging A Child’s Parents To Quit Smoking…Easier Said Than Done!

I can always tell when a parent of a child I'm treating is a smoker. The examination room is just filled with smoke - not too different from the experience you'd have if you walked into a bar or restaurant that still allows smoking. My style is to ignore it until the very end of the visit - sneaky, I know! I just forge ahead trying to not inhale too much air. I have to admit, there have been times … [Read more...]

Drug Companies and The AAP: The Real Truth

Last week's American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) recommendation over Statin drug use in kids is still creating a firestorm. Over the weekend, Tara Parker-Pope at the NYT posted about her thoughts on why the AAP came up with such an extreme recommendation and wrote this:"The new guidelines have raised questions about the pharmaceutical industry’s ties to both the A.A.P. and the members of the … [Read more...]