First Day of School Part Duo

Wow! Another school year. Hard to believe.We have two first days of school going on at the same time. One in Elementary School and the other in Middle School. I have no clue what is going on at the Middle School. As I mentioned earlier, I'm determined to let my daughter have her independence with us at an appropriate arm's length. Although, today, I will admit we did try and convince her perhaps … [Read more...]

This Just In: our kids are growing up

“You’re going to have trouble tomorrow, you know”, my mother said to me at breakfast last Wednesday on our way home from New Mexico. She was referring to our oldest heading off to Middle School – and walking the quarter mile on her own. My reply was “Mom, she is so ready – and so are we. This is no biggie”. Talk about culture shock. Vacation one day; start of a new school and new horizons the … [Read more...]

You’ve got to be kidding!

Check this out.I almost fell off the breakfast bar stool while I was reading it - and so did my husband. I love this line: "Even on the days Sara doesn't work, she's not going to have time to cram in all the things she used to do for us." Or this: "So in the last 14 months, Sara has learned to cook, taken on the job of paying the bills, and become our social secretary. Best of all for me, … [Read more...]

Want healthy habits for your kids? Change the rules

I've often wondered why schools don't have healthier alternatives for kids - and why kids are only allowed to eat at designated times. But, that is a post for another day.The Boston Channel On Line reported yesterday that Framingham High School was just awarded a grant to offer healthier foods. This is fantastic! I hope this becomes an epidemic that spreads quickly to all our communities. As part … [Read more...]