Be Strong to the Finish, but Don’t Eat That Spinach!

So, it worked for Popeye, and can work for you and your family. But for now, avoid bagged spinach.The FDA reported this week that a multistate outbreak of the E.Coli Bacteria has been traced back to bagged spinach. So far, 9 states are involved: Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah Wisconsin, and Ohio. The source of the spread is still under investigation but experts … [Read more...]

Babyfat, or Fat Baby?

Finally. A headline that doesn't beat around the bush: "Chubby tots likely to be overweight adolescents". This is huge (no pun intended!), although old news.The more research that comes out supporting the impact of childhood obesity on an entire life, the easier it will be to help families fix the problem. Although, in my mind, if you are having trouble finding diapers, a car seat and clothes to … [Read more...]

The Busting Sports Bubble

Well, we now know how Landis made his remarkable comeback on a bad hip. Talk about not living up to the legacy of Lance Armstrong who truly defeated the odds and won the old fashioned way - hard work, exercise and dedication. There is no doubt that steroids are out there. There is no doubt that kids are also using them, too. It amazes me that elite athletes brazenly dope up for competition … [Read more...]

This just in: Kids need to play!

This just in: play is good for our kids. Have we become that insecure as a country that we actually need scientists and experts to tell us that time to play is an important part of childhood? On some level, we all know our kids need more unstructured play time but the time that really matter is the amount of physical activity. A study released in last week's Lancet shed light on the many … [Read more...]