Bug of the Month: Sprains and Strains

Technical Names: Sprains, Soft Tissue Injuries, Musculoskeletal Injuries NickNames: twisted arm or leg, thrown joint What it is: a pulling and/or tearing of the soft tissues of a joint, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The ankle is the most commonly sprained joint in kids and often sports related. Typical Ages: Any and all ages. Etiology: trauma - intentional and nonintentional, … [Read more...]

Getting Kids Outside

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The Importance of School Lunch

My family has a tradition of getting all our back-to-school shopping completed just before our big end of the summer vacation. Lunch boxes used to be big ticket back to school items but since my girls are tweens now, as Hilary Duff once sang, “that’s so yesterday”. Plus on most school days we’re lucky if their lunches make it from the frig to their backpacks! If only the choice of what to have … [Read more...]

Sports & Energy Drinks for Teens: water is cheaper & healthier!

The AAP Committee on Nutrition and Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness released a Clinical Report this week that is important for any parent who had kids in sports or kids who drink sports drinks or energy drinks. The report, Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks for Adolescents: Are They Appropriate?, puts into perspective not only who should be drinking these drinks but the risks and benefits for … [Read more...]