Scoliosis – the Silent Pain You May Not Know is There

Your pre-teenager's school calendar has "scoliosis screening" scheduled for the following week. You take a quick look at your child's spine which looks nice and straight to you so you put the issue out of your mind. Imagine your surprise when you receive a letter from the school informing you that your child's back screen revealed some signs of scoliosis that should be investigated further by your … [Read more...]

Kids and Peer Pressure

Our summer has had some interesting moments. Summer camp had barely begun before our 9 year old daughter threw us a curve ball. “Mom, J is going to sleep away camp this year. You HAVE to let me go next year – otherwise I’ll be the only 5th grader in the entire world not going.” I have to say, while she’s been somewhat of a pneumatic drill on the topic this summer, watching her try to convince us … [Read more...]

Two For Tuesday: Games Kids Play and How They Act

Two headlines this week have one striking similarity: a role of parents that makes you scratch your head. Headline #1Bad behavior does not doom pupils, studies sayThese studies you've heard about in the news on behavior shed light on two important facts:1. kids who act out are as smart as kids who do not act out.2. kids with ADHD have brains that take longer to develop as opposed to having … [Read more...]