Puberty Resource Page

Puberty can be a confusiong time for kids and parents. You'll feel a lot better about the process if you know what to expect. This section is really intended for teens and tweens but talk to your parents before reading too far. In fact, you'll get more out of this page if you look at it with your parents! Puberty Nuts and Bolts Sign Boys Girls Earliest Sign Genitalia get bigger … [Read more...]

Infant Head Size and Autism: Any link?

Q) Dear Dr. Gwenn: My grandson recently had his 9 months check up. At birth and 3rd month check up his head size was in the 55% range. His weight and height wereclose to the 90%.At the latest 9 months checkup, his head size was in the 90th% and his weight and height were lower than the earlier months, more like 75th percentile. His developmental milestones have been very normal or above. He's … [Read more...]

Puberty: The Final Frontier

Puberty - the final frontier. These are the voyages of our tweens and teens*. Their 5-ish year mission: to become independent while their body is changing inside and out, to boldly go where every tween and teen in history has gone before! Just like Captains Picard and Kirk on Star Trek, we encounter aliens daily as our kids evolve through puberty. Those aliens are none other than our teens and … [Read more...]

Scoliosis – the Silent Pain You May Not Know is There

Your pre-teenager's school calendar has "scoliosis screening" scheduled for the following week. You take a quick look at your child's spine which looks nice and straight to you so you put the issue out of your mind. Imagine your surprise when you receive a letter from the school informing you that your child's back screen revealed some signs of scoliosis that should be investigated further by your … [Read more...]