Baby Flat Heads: do helmets really help?

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back In pediatrics medicine, we continuously strive to make kids healthier. But sometimes to improve one problem we inadvertently create another, as demonstrated by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ “Back to Sleep Campaign”. Launched in 1992, the Back to Sleep Campaign has been a true success story, reducing the incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by … [Read more...]

The War Within: The Truth About Food Allergies

My daughter made a simple request for her 10th birthday – to bring in Dunkin' Hines triple chocolate brownies to share with her class. What more could a busy mom ask for? Easy to prepare, quick to cook and “homemade” all from one little box. But what about the kids in the class with food allergies? Her best friend in that class was deathly allergic to egg-whites. My daughter's friend had grown … [Read more...]

My toddler vomits sometimes. Should I worry?

Q) Dear Dr. Gwenn, I have an active, happy and playful 15 month old son.  His solid and liquid intake is good. He is not experiencing cold, fever or any allergy symptoms but he has eczema and is on hydrocortisone weekly for the past month.  For the past weeks, he throws up at the most 5 times a week. It is all that he ate a moment ago covered with clear mucus. Please advice. Thanks, YP … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Hives (Urticaria)

Technical Names: Urticaria, Angioedema Nicknames: Hives, welts (from Pediatric Physical Diagnosis Electronic Atlast, Zitelli and Davis) What are hives? Raised, red, itchy lesions on the skin that often come and go and can coalesce together in to larger, red, itchy areas. Unlike other rashes, these come and go and move about the skin. What Causes hives? Hives occur from allergic reactions. These … [Read more...]