Backpacks: Today’s Fashion or Fashion Disaster

Today's school backpacks are an amazing amalgam of fashion and function - with sometimes a dash of technology as many seem to come either prewired for ear phones or with a special place for them. As our kids move through elementary school and beyond, the look of this bag becomes as important as what is inside – and perhaps even more so. Today's backpacks remind me of Hermione Granger's purse - … [Read more...]

Teens need less homework and more free time!

As a new school year is about to begin, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with my oldest teen once she began high school: “Hey mom”, my 15 year old said as she walked in the living room with that ‘I’ve been thinking about my life' look that teens get once they enter high school. “How much homework did you have when you were my age?” “This could potentially be a trap”, I thought. “Answer … [Read more...]

The Importance of School Lunch

My family has a tradition of getting all our back-to-school shopping completed just before our big end of the summer vacation. Lunch boxes used to be big ticket back to school items but since my girls are tweens now, as Hilary Duff once sang, “that’s so yesterday”. Plus on most school days we’re lucky if their lunches make it from the frig to their backpacks! If only the choice of what to have … [Read more...]

Preparing Kids For Another School Year

It seems the fashion industry doesn't realize we still have a good half the summer to go! Everywhere I go there are reminders that another school year is around the corner. Although we'd all rather block this from our brains, it's actually not such a bad idea to at least get into a quasi-back to school state of mind. Doing so will help you and your kids considerably once that first day of school … [Read more...]