Where’s my new blog posts? On my new blog!!

In honor of the launch my new book, CyberSafe, this week's blog post have been posted on the CyberSafe book blog. I'm sure you won't be surprised to find there is a bit of a high tech and cyber theme to them! You can find the posts and blog  here! Nurturing blogs is similar to nurturing kids -sometimes you have to spend a bit more time with one than the other but in the end they all grow up just … [Read more...]

Facebook Spam: What you don’t want your kids to see!

I had an interesting experience today. I attempted to check out the Facebook fan page of the National Cyber Security Alliance and this is what came up on my laptop: This is not the type of page you'd want your young teens or tweens to land on. … [Read more...]

Facebook Places: too much sharing?

I asked my teen what she thought about Facebook Places and she had two responses: 1. What's the point? 2. We don't need an application - we can just update our status or use the chat. This wasn't about a creep out factor, by the way. She truly didn't see the need to fiddle with an application the required a cell phone and a bunch of permissions (see below).  Nor did she feel it was at all … [Read more...]

Mass Teacher Fired Over Facebook Post…A sign of the times for all?

Mis-postings are not just for teens and kids...just ask Dr. June Talvitie-Siple. A teacher in the Cohasset, MA school system for 30 years, she was fired over a post she made on her Facebook page that she says now was "stupid" and "out of frustration" when she called residents of Cohasset "arrogant and snobby". As reported by the Boston Channel, she indicated that she thought she was sharing her … [Read more...]