Frontline Digital Nation BlogHer ’09

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Dr. Gwenn Is In Turns 5

Today, Dr. Gwenn Is In is 5 years old. I can hardly believe it. Seems like only yesterday I  sat to type my first blog post, not knowing at all what a blog truly was. Truly. I recall vividly sitting at lunch with a friend just shortly after Pediatrics Now was launched when he nonchauntly mentioned “You need a blog.” My response was a simple “Blog...what in the world is that?” Nearly 1000 posts, … [Read more...]

National Unfriend Day: you in or out?

Jimmy Kimmel named today as NUD...National Unfriend Day...on Facebook, that is. Check out Jimmy's initial plug for NUD: I have to admit, Jimmy has a point. How many "friends" do we need online? Are we really connecting with these people? It's healthy to "trim the fat", as Jimmy puts it, once in a while and makes sure our connections make sense. This is actually one of the social media … [Read more...]

My Computer Crashed and I Survived…and Thrived!

I know...I've been offline for what seems like forever. I wish I could say it was for a fantastic reason like exploring an exotic land or taking a once in a life time vacation or taking part in a phenomenal academic cyber safety initiative.  As some of you know from Twitter, the truth is far more old laptop crashed. Yup. Just about 2 weeks ago, I turned it off one evening as I was … [Read more...]