You’ve Got Mail!

As much as technology can sometimes be a curse, and fragment our lives, it can also be powerfully connecting. My daughter's friends may now be in Israel, but they know more about what they are up to today then they did before they moved. Why, you may ask? Thanks to the instant power of email and the web.Last count, my oldest daughter had received over 20 emails from her friend and sent about the … [Read more...]

Now Showing: The Beta Blog

Hi Blogging Friends: I've switched over the blogger beta and love it. Short term, the only glitch is if you are not on beta you need to leave comments via the annonymous route - and I need to do the same with you. I guess the techies are working on this but at least there is a way around it short term. If you have not switched, I'd encourage you to do so - much easier to use, faster and includes … [Read more...]

Opening Day

As I sit down to type my first blog entry, a few familiar phrases are echoing in my mind:“To boldly go where no one has gone before.” - Star Trek“May the force be with you.” – Star Wars“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Fortune cookie message taped to my laptop.April is the month for season openers – the “official” baseball season opener is today with the Red Sox playing in Texas; … [Read more...]