Finally, a babble fish for our tweens and teens online lives

I was searching the headlines this morning and this ad caught my eye:So, I clicked the ad and ended up on your tweens are like mine, or you have teens at home, you likely have no idea what they are saying to their friends when they chat by email, IM or text message. This handy site gives a primer but also gives you valuable info on drugs kids may get into and how to talk to … [Read more...]

Kick Off CyberSecurity Awareness Month by Being More Cyber-Aware

Once again, this year's National Cyber Security Awareness Month Theme is: "Our Shared Responsibility" That truly hits the nail on the head with the best way to approach not only our safety and security online, but our developing kids and teens as well. Just as we do offline, approaching the online world with the same common sense is the best guiding principle. To that end, as you do when they … [Read more...]